About Us


Who We Are
Venus Int , As a provider of the finest vegetables and fruits since 1984, venus international products ranks among the best globally,with our superior standards of quality, nature focused mentality, as we have permis on the United Kingdom [UK], a great focus has been placed on the market, we are able to export our products to all european countries.
Our Mission
At venus Int. We consider ourselves a customer, nature and health focused company . we provide our customers with a step by step traceability until the product reaches its destination . we realy on expertise , quality system and superior management to guarantee the best product , we have two packing stations one for orange based on 4000m2 and other for the rest products based on 5000m2 applying the modern technology to ensure the freshest and healthiest vegetables and fruits possible. We adhere to strict delivery system in which our products to be delivered to clients within 24 hours, our products take 90 minutes from our farms to reach stations which in turn far 7 km from Cairo International Airport . we go to great lengths to deliver the freshest vegetables and fruit to our clients, trying to exceed their expectations.




Transport is an essential link in the supply chain from grower to the trade. Thus, VENUS's transport system is highly professionalised. Along with the flexibility of having our own transport fleet , we can call on the staff and equipment of established, specialised transport companies. Transporters who are familiar with the world of fruit and vegetables, who own trucks with all the facilities needed for optimal transport from A to B. We have often been working with these transport companies for years. This is important , because for a good relationship the drivers are prepared to give a little extra . the size of the transport fleet enables us to find the most efficient path for each order: direct from grower to retailer or after a brief stop in one of the completely air-conditioned storage sheds . in full containers , per pallet or via consignment . we can find out down to the minute where your shipment is and when it will arrive. As far as possible we send customers the same drivers so they are familiar with thier procedures.


Quality is important in every business. But in the fresh produce sector quality is decisive . that is why VENUS Int. Quality standards are so high. Customers expect products of top quality , but food safety is even more important. Only growers who produce according to all the latest food safety standards are taken on as suppliers for VENUS Int. Checkpoints are built into various stages of the supply chain from grower to customer to guarantee the dependability of the products. VENUS Int. has an external research bureau check the reliability of its own inspectors each year.

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